(865) 229-3709

The Thrive Clinic has moved to TN. 
Our last day seeing patients in Corvallis was April 21st.
We just learned that the remodeling of the new space will take longer. We are planning on opening 9/1/2023.
I am planning to maintain my Oregon medical license for the foreseeable future, which means I will be able to see patients from Oregon virtually. 
For the few remaining Primary Care patients only: Please pick a PCP locally as I am not able to provide primary care services from out of state.
The office on Grant Avenue is permanently closed sine June 30. Julie, a registered RN, will cover from home for the interim and take phone calls, schedule patients as well as manage tasks.
From September 1 my new TN assistant Darcy will take over.

You will now be prompted to choose one of two locations, OR or TN, when logging into the patient schedule. This way you'll be presented with the work schedule in the proper time zone.

In person visits for TN patients will be scheduled between 9am and 12pm EST. Telemedicine visits will be scheduled between 1:30pm and 4:00pm EST, Monday through Thursday.
If you are in OR, you'd be 3 hours earlier on your time, hence the afternoon EST preference for you.

The new address and phone number are:
200 E Broadway Avenue, Preservation Plaza, Unit 306, Maryville, TN, 37804
New: (865)229-3709.    Old: (541)207-1670(and now inactive)

I hope that answers your questions.
Dr. S

All Patients: 
Please enter all vaccines recieved over the previous three years under the "My Vaccine Record" tab of your Patient Portal.
We need to know as it will affect your treatment plan. Dr. Sievert does not recommend any of the available Covid vaccines for any patient at any age at this time.


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